Do Spices Expire!

Spices last longer when stored in a cool, dry location. While spices don’t actually spoil or rot, they will lose their flavor over time. We can determine the shelf life of the spices by considering the processing process used along with proper storage done while maintaining the flavour and aroma of the product.

Do Sunlight help?

Spices grown in india

Spread the spices under direct sunlight on a cotton cloth. Turn the spices regularly, about every 2 hours or so. This method should dry the spices in 2-3 days and help regain the original texture and flavour.

As spices are generally added precisely to add flavor, it is best to use them in a certain amount of time. If grinding your own spices isn’t possible, try to use the freshest spices you possibly can. Today, India is the world’s largest consumer, producer, and exporter of spices in the world.

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