Garam Masala

Life – A Journey

“Ayurveda is about balance. Keep balance in all of your actions and decisions, and you will have begun practicing Ayurvedic medicine for yourself. If you are feeling hot physically or emotionally, do something to cool yourself off. If you are feeling congested or stuck, think to yourself what methods or treatment would help to loosen …

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What to eat ?

” Ayurvedic medicine is not about treating symptoms, it is about restoring the entire body to the original balanced state. By treating the root, rather than the symptom you will receive. Stick to whole, unprocessed, Raw foods including fresh, seasonal fruits, vegetables and salads. Salads sometime before meals really help limiting your food intake and provide you with …

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Is it true that you are searching for the best Indian eating regimen intend to shed ?

“The principles are basic. You should simply begin eating right. However, in India, this can feel like an unfavorable test, given our nourishment culture and dietary propensities. For example, an average Indian supper is high in starches and sugar – we eat a great deal of potatoes, rice and desserts.” “Many people struggle with weight …

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Spices of India!

“Spices improve circulation which cleanses your tissues. Often spices have aromatic, acrid, bitter, or sour qualities as well, but not always. The taste (rasa) and sensory experience of each spice gives you certain clues to its medicinal effects. This means you can often tell the medicinal properties of a spice merely by tasting it. “ …

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