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“Spices improve circulation which cleanses your tissues. Often spices have aromatic, acrid, bitter, or sour qualities as well, but not always. The taste (rasa) and sensory experience of each spice gives you certain clues to its medicinal effects. This means you can often tell the medicinal properties of a spice merely by tasting it. “

“Spices have an especially powerful effect that improves digestion, circulation, metabolism, and immunity. Most spices are antimicrobial as well. Spices have the ability, for example, to improve your ability to digest rich, heavy foods like meat or dairy.”

“Most spices are some combination of pungent, hot, sharp, light, and dry. These penetrating attributes ignite digestive strength (agni) and burn up toxins (ama), If taken in right quantity these natural intoxicants can detox our whole body without the use of modern medicine which may solve a problem 

“While all spices of India have some medicinal value, each one is unique. Since spices are so diverse, each one of them should be  procured and  processed  separately thus  Keeping the essential oils intact for their unique properties and benefits.”

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