“Do I need to go on about the benefits that water has for life? I guess not. However, drinking the recommended eight glasses of pure, clean water can be a daunting challenge to many of us. Pure water is colourless, odourless and tasteless. So how do we get around just drinking the “usual water” all day long for the rest of our lives? We merely need to spice things up and stop living the boring life. To get started living the fun-filled life with water is to infuse it  with some spices and herbs. Get a mug and fill it with about eight glasses of water, add three teaspoons of ginger for its great digestive properties and two slices of cucumbers. Get a medium sized lemon, dice it and add to the mixture. A handful of freshly diced mint leaves gives a refreshing minty flavour to the mix and also cuts down your hunger pangs and in the reduction of wanting sugars. You get this sense of relief and joy at not having to be bored when drinking water ever again. You can now drink something so healthy and beautiful without feeling guilty or causing your body any harm with artificial sweeteners and colouring agents. Fill it up with the eight glasses of clean water and put it in your fridge and let it infuse for a few hours preferably overnight. To get into the mix and use it every day, it will be convenient if you can get it done every night before going to bed, so you always have a fresh supply every morning. If you have a large family who also enjoys your new found taste of water, you can exponentially increase the number of ingredients you use.When you pour a glass in the morning, it smells so amazing with the aroma filling your kitchen. Your body relaxes at the anticipation of the water hitting your tastes buds. It is a feeling that cannot be rivaled by any other beverage.This beautiful way of refreshing your body is not a one-way street as you can combine different types of spices as suits your taste. It all depends on how you want it.”

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