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Wedding season is here!

Wedding season is here! And you will all agree with me that there comes a moment when you want to lose stubborn fat around your belly just to wear that your favorite clothes. This answer will definitely not help you to lose fat in 15 days if you follow it on a daily basis also.

There are no best indian foods or something that specific that cuts your fat. You only need to eat in right amount. Understand that your weight loss or gain is mostly related to your calorie intake and burn. Since your goal is to lose weight, choose one activity from running, cycling, swimming or any other cardio such as these and mix it with strength training. Use apps like Fitso, Strava, nike+ to maintain your chart and know your calories burned. I would recommend Fitso, as it will help you more than just that. 

Regularity, discipline and self control are must for your goal.

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