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What Exactly Is Vijay-Traders( Online Masala Store)?

“The foundations of Vijay-Traders  was set in 1974 . We, today produces a wide range of products including  mix spices, and also plan to market them internationally in future”

“Our  desire is to combine the traditional Indian taste with the modern cuisines to make quality spice-blends from 100% Organic spices.”

“Since our start in 1974, Vijay-Traders has worked diligently to do more than offer generic solutions. Our clients’ and friends’ businesses range in size from new startups to established major brands including various colleges, milatory canteens and ayurveda medicine centres and each customer has their own set of unique needs. We focus on finding the near term and long term requirements of each client, so we can custom tailor our goods and provide them quality products at affordable prices.”

 “We are a one of the leading Manufacturers of Indian Spices, Spices Pouch, etc in Dehradun(Uttarakhand)-India(248001). Our efficient supply network allows us to promptly deliver  our best quality products to our customers”

“We ensure complete food safety to our customers, both by destroying all pathogens, and at the same time avoiding all forms of hazardous pesticides, fungicides and radiation, thus making our products safe for 100%consumption..”

“Our focus is to widen the Indian spices market and converting consumers from so called branded products to quality products that are fresh and half the price to bigger brands ” 

“We cannot dictate the prices in the market as the bigger players but we can provide the high quality products to our customers because we do not spend much on branding thus best product for best price by running our business on low margin thus increasing affordability.”

 “Our clients voluntarily choose to be our partner for decades because of the trust we have earned more than the business itself.”

“We provide the best quality products to our clients. We at The Vijay-Traders welcome the challenge of producing high quality Products in bulk quantity.  Vijay-Traders   has a manufacturing unit in Dehradun, our products are certified through Agmark India and we have a valid FSSAI license”

“We have partnered with doonshoppingcentre to start our journey from sole manufacturer/ wholesaler to a retailer so that we can improve our retail presence in the market , we are constantly upgrading ourselves and soon we will change/rebrand our current old packaging and design with the help of, uptil know we used to deal in bulk quantity so our retail packaging needs an upgrade but we assure you of the quality of the products that is 100% genuine and 100% original.

“For bulk quantity query Please fill the below mentioned form and our team will help you with the samples :-“

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